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My Story

My interest in personal health and wellbeing was established during my school days. I was the ‘fat boy’ at school and understand all the challenges that go with that; such as poor body image, self-esteem and the general feeling of being unhealthy. No ‘diet’

seemed to work long-term, and this established an erratic relationship with food from an early age.

My education culminated with a degree in Biotechnology, and I started a career with Marks and Spencer as a food technologist. Even then I could see the dangers of processed foods, but fate meant that I moved on from the food industry to manage a large trust in the City of London. During this stage of my career, my health began to suffer. A combination of poor diet, high stress and alcohol meant that I came close to being diagnosed as diabetic; this led me to reassess things and I started my journey as a functional nutritionist.

I studied at the Institute of Optimum Nutrition and graduated with other auspicious alumni, Amelia Freer and Dana James. During this time, I steadied my weight, reversed my prediabetes and improved my health and vitality. I started my clinic in Brighton, consulted for the Stephen Price Health & Fitness Clinic, and was the Nutritionist for The Glenn Hoddle Football Academy.

Photo of Mark with Glenn Hoddle
Mark and Glenn Hoddle

To expand my nutrition knowledge I have spent time in the vitamin supplement industry, campaigned for natural healthcare at The Alliance for Natural Health, and currently lecture at The College of Naturopathic Medicine.

My inquisitive nature has led me to explore my own health in great depth, in order for me to optimise my diet and lifestyle. My DNA results showed me the importance of supporting genes linked to the cardiovascular system to reduce my risk of cardiovascular disease, and other functional tests have thrown light on my thyroid function and helped me adjust my diet to optimise my gut microbiome.

There was a time that I ignored the effects of the stress that I was under, but have since realised how ‘life-load’ can negatively affect health. My understanding enabled

me to develop lifestyle changes for myself and my clients to reduce stress, improve sleep, and increase happiness.

Due to rising obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, I have been appointed an Ambassador for the Public Health Collaboration, and I work with local GP’s to help educate the public on how they can make improvements to their health via diet and lifestyle changes.  

My commitment to help myself and others is something I am really passionate about.